Survey Fish

“SurveyFish provides you with all the key functionality you need to create and manage a first class survey!”

Now more than ever its important to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your customers. There is no more efficient way of doing that, than with the use of surveys & questionnaires.

SurveyFish provides your organisation with the tools they need to design, publish, analyse & report on customer feedback.

The Survey Life Cycle

There are various stages in running a successful Survey which are depicted by the Survey Life Cycle Diagram shown here.

Identify - The first step in any survey is to identify and outline your target audience

Design - You then need to design the survey ensuring you cover all the key areas of your service

Publish - Whether this means publishing it on-line, or printed to an actual document you need to get your questionnaire out to the audience for completion.

Collect - The next step is to collect your data in an analysis tool so that you can begin to evaluate and review your service.

Analyse - This is a key stage in the cycle. Effective analysis ensures the rest of the process is successful. This should take the form of graphical and tabular analysis. You should also have the option to compare your feedback against organisation or legislative standards as well as look at trends/patterns in your data over a period of time. This step may also require a detailed report on the results gained.

Action - This stage is often overlooked when carrying out a survey, but it is a vital step towards the development of your organisation. You should look at the data and identify areas of service that could be improved. If possible a detailed action plan should be designed showing all areas of development and the action to be taken.

Review - This is the final step in the first cycle and will normally take place a while after the action plans have been completed. It involves reviewing the improvements you have made and maybe looking at changes to your questionnaire allowing your customers to feedback on them.

The cycle then begins again with your new services. An effective survey is key to improving your business and getting a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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