iDIS - Ask yourself the following questions?

  • How much does it cost you to recover debt?
    • Think about how many people you have chasing debt, are there a number of people chasing the same debtor?
  • Are you interested in reducing costs for debt collection?
    • In a time when every LA in the country is being forced to look at their costs in order to find savings, a joint approach to corporate debt recovery is a viable option.
  • Do you share information on your debtors?
    • Is it possible that you could have two department chasing the same debtor. Thats double the effort/cost for arguably the same result
  • How many different departments within your organisation recover debts?
    • Its likley that there are at least 3 different departments chasing debt for your LA, and there will almost certainly be some debtors that are being chased by more than one team
  • Does your organisation use a number of systems to hold data on your payees?
    • These will range from large business critical applications (e.g. Revenues & Benefits) to small individual spreadsheets, how do they cross match data?
  • Do you find it difficult to provide/receive details of debtors?
    • Have you got one point of contact that can tell you the amount of debt that is outstanding for one address/customer
  • Do you have a corporate debt team in place?
    • More and more LA's are looking at this as a corporate function, what are you doing?
  • If you don’t have a corporate team, would you find it beneficial to have one?
    • The benefits/savings you could get from this are potentially huge?

Can you answer the following questions?

  • How many debtors do you have?
  • Approximately how many debtors are there in your organisation in total?

The real question should be, is your LA doing enough?

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