INTEC For Business

Software Solutions

For over 20 years INTEC for Business has worked with Public Sector and Private Sector organisations to deliver packages and bespoke software solutions. Our experience working within these areas has helped us build a comprehensive product portfolio and a large UK-wide customer base, particularly within Local Government providing fraud, case management and corporate solutions.

The INTEC Product Suite is always expanding with on-going research and development in to new areas. we work with many businesses to improve their services, and develop the required solution to meet specific needs. INTEC continues to improve and re-invent its systems to ensure that our products evolve to meet the customers requirements

Our expertise is in understanding each individual organisations needs and providing niche solutions for them. These may be hosted either on your own corporate networks or on our national cloud portals.

 Our product suite includes systems for :

  • Case Management
  • Investigations Management
  • Debt Management and Recovery
  • Fraud and Error Reduction
  • Data Analysis
  • Tenancy Fraud
  • Smart App Solutions for Whistleblowing, Fraud Reporting and Debt Advice

 INTEC always strive to improve our software and produce quality solutions, as a company the whole team contributes to our main goal which is to provide a high standard of software and support services to make our customers lives easier.

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